Anker liberty soundcore air buds keep powering down


I’ve received my new liberty air buds this morning and after painstaking getting them to synch together with my phone I’m now faced with the problem of them turning themselves off!

I will play a track for about 10 seconds before the left bud turns off and on again before they both turn off… Interestingly the left bud, when in it’s case will flash white on and off about every 2 seconds but nothing from the right one.

Can anybody suggest what’s wrong before I send them back?


Sounds like they are powering off because they need to be charged. Try leaving them in the case for a few hours, and then try listening to music. Also make sure that nothing is blocking the charging pins inside the case and on the earbuds themselves

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Thanks for the reply - they are showing as 100% battery via my phone and I can’t see anything obvious blocking the charging pins… I’ll try swabbing them with some alcohol solution just in case

If you are still experiencing an issue after following @Tank’s advice then please contact with your Order Number and explain the issue. They will email you back within 24hrs, usually within 12, but whatever the issue is they will see that it gets resolved. Cheers and welcome to the community!

Thanks again for the replies - I have now tried cleaning the connection points and still getting faults. :frowning:

I bought these via a third party seller so am contacting them for a replacement in the first instance…

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We are sorry to hear your headphones are not working properly. According to the information you described, the issue you are experiencing is very unusual.

In order to further assist you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at by detailing your order number and the problem you come across. We will reply you within 24 hours.

Yea so for future reference, because I made the same mistake with the L2P, make sure the seller is AnkerDirect. Any other seller might send you Anker’s warranty info in the package, but not honor it and since Soundcore won’t have a record of your purchase, they can’t just do the normal steps to help you. So, it happens, but I guarantee you, you will always check from now one, cause I do! Seriously though, if that company sold you a Soundcore product with Soundcore’s warranty info inside you should contact Soundcore and let them know that this company is selling your products with your warranty info inside and then not honoring it, making your company look bad. I did when the company tried to screw me, they sent me Liberty 2 and not 2 Pro which was advertised (don’t remember the company name). In the end it worked out ok.