Anker Liberty Earbuds - Calls only in right earbud


Mostly loving my Anker Liberty earbuds. Music, podcasts, and everything except calls play on both earbuds. Calls however only seem to play off the right earbud which is massively annoying.

Is this the way they are supposed to work, are mine busted, or is there a simple fix for this?


That is how they are designed, calls are mono while everything else is in stereo

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got it… don’t love that I don’t have an option to have calls in stereo but I’ll accept it.


It shouldn’t be that hard for Anker to have sound in both earbuds.
Doesn’t even have to be real stereo, just copy the channel from right to left. (calls aren’t stereo anyway).
Add to that hearing impaired people may hear better with their left ear.
So, a left, right, both option would be great design. This is just not well thought out.

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I totally agree. Yet, it’s not an Anker-exclusive issue. For some reason, right ear only seems to be the norm on true-wireless earbuds - my guess is because of a combination of the ear most people hold their phones when talking, plus the call operators and telemarketing people headpieces - though those can be changed.

Still, I guess at least the option should be given, if only to accommodate those who hear better - or at all - on the left ear.

My left ear is by far the worst ear! lol
Mind 8 years of being shouted at down the phone… I worked for a call center, which was a helpline for the UK passport office.

Not talking down to you. Not at all!
But sometimes I have pity on people with helpdesk jobs.
They take flak all day long for company policy they have zero influence on.

It would even be a nice thing to highlight on the ‘reasons to buy Anker’ list.
Bad hearing is a growing problem. It’s not that only 0.0001% have bad hearing.

Anker stuff is generally good, but hardly ever great. This is thread is a good example.
Anker is quite pricey so I expect something extra.
I’m not saying Anker is a complete ripoff, because they it’s not, but their products are often not as well thought out as may be expected for the price.

The earbuds having no left/right/both option.
USB hubs have very weak charging capabilities.

That sort of things makes Anker an almost-there brand. Not a buy-blindly brand.
It’s impossible to make every customer happy, especially a moaner like me :slight_smile: I understand that.
But back to the charging, it’s not a public secret that lots of users want to charge as fast as possible. But still lots of Anker solutions are sub-par. Something I expect from Chinese $2 stuff but not from Anker price-point.

In the same call center, I worked a for a mobile phone company (Sainsbury’s mobile, it didn’t live for very long)

Towards the end (which is when I joined) we took well over a 100 calls a day each. 85% started like this…

Good morning, you’re through to Sainsbury’s mobile, Mac speaking, how can I help
HELP? YOURE A CNT and fking useless!

The company kept taking £50-£70 a month from account that had been shut down… Oops

You soon learn in situations like that, not to take swearing so personal, not like most now, that if you use 1 bad word and they hang up on you… Wimps!

Is it safe to assume the Liberty Plus has the same issue? I just bought the liberty plus earbuds and came to this forum looking for a fix. Can someone confirm?

Correct, the liberty plus only output via the right earbud only

Where did you get that from? Considering at least half of over 60s have hearing problems… That alone would count for a far higher percentage.

When I am using a phone, I put the phone always on my right ear. So far so good.

What I mean: everybody has a personal preference for listening, some have it on the right ear, some on the left.

Therefore the channel of calls should be either selectable, or calls should come on both channels.