Anker liberty air problem

i bought anker liberty air today and. they worked fine for an hour but then they disconnected, i tried to reset them but when i put the right earbud in the case it just flashes white 4 times, and thats it i can’t connect them or anything if i put it out it just doesn’t work, i put it back in case it flashes 4 times white then pause for a 5-6 sec and them again 4 times white
pla help

Did you charge the case with the buds in before anything else?

yes i did.

@Tomas_Elzeser Check the charging pins are free from any debris (or plastic covers). Try giving the earbuds a full charge in the case using a suitable USB wall charger for at least 6hrs before trying a reset again.

If you are still having issues with the earbud after this I would suggest reaching out to for assistance under your warranty as the unit maybe faulty.

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they are brand new so there is no debris, i charges the case with them inside it shows 3 lights, when i open the case the right earbud still flashes white 4 times then pause then 4 times again

As they are new and the reset is failing to resolve I would suggest you email for warranty assistance and/or return to place of purchase for a replacement if quicker.

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