ANKER Liberty air 2 left earbud stutter connection only during calls

Hello, has anyone experienced this problem?

I bought a brand new liberty air 2 and in terms of audio both buds works just fine when playing music and videos. But during calls the left bud seems to be dropping connection every half a second. Strange part is this only happens with my Samsung A50s, i tried testing it on a very old Asus smartphone and it works just fine.

Is there a compatibility issue with Samsung? “A” series to be specific?

Tried out:

  • Resetting buds
  • Bluetooth data and cache clearing
  • Disabling bluetooth battery saving mode
  • Updating firmware

It’s been driving me crazy since i got it. Send help lol

You sound very knowledgeable already so I doubt I can help, but here goes!

When you say reset, there are two levels of reset, just the buds or everything. The full reset is more involved, did you do this? There are versions of reset which press for less time and so don’t do a full reset.

You may be encountering Android accident multipoint where the buds are not meant to be connected to two devices at once but accidentally end up so. You have to delete all pairings with everything and only pair with one device. The Asus and Samsung if they are both near the buds may be fighting each other. Delete all pairings, turn off all Bluetooth, factory reset fully, then only pair with the Samsung.

Good luck.

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Which phone do you have? If it is older and has an old version on bluetooth it could be causing an issue. A couple of years ago, I noticed several companies having difficulty holding stereo connections while they were trying to perfect battery saving strategies.


I have tried this one, didn’t work me :frowning:


I was messing around with the developer options of my Samsung for bluetooth configuration. And for some reason it wont keep the codex setting. I had to keep selecting aptX manually until it keeps that setting, and once it does stay at aptX everything is fixed.

Could this be a firmware problem?

It’s Samsung A50s bluetooth 5.0 (2019 model)

AptX and power saving compete, do you have a power saving mode enabled?

That’s old BT 4 this is 5. It’s likely codec switching between speaker and headset mode. I seem to recall Samsung made it so their buds worked perfectly, but finding workarounds…

@paulstevenewing has a recent Samsung.

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Hi, i have bluetooth specially not on power saving. I have figured the problem there is a setting in developer options for bluetooth i found the right settings but it wont keep it and keeps on reverting back. This is android 10 (or maybe samsung?) problem i believe.

Old so probably not valid now

Report it directly with Soundcore so they know, open ticket, it helps them know and if they already know then prioritize a firmware update. Samsung is a popular Android.

There is also a Soundcore specific community

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Hey, the quality is way better and stuttering is lessened! That’s definitely one of the options that made it better. I changed it to aptX and trying to change the LDAC playback quality from best effort to optimized, but it keeps reverting back.

Do you know if i should change other stuff?

I will leave a ticket for soundcore thank you for your help, Professor!

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