Anker liberty 2 pro volume not working

I just purchesed a pair of anker liberty 2 pro and i am trying to change the volume tap buttons from soundcore qpp but whatever i do nothing happens and the controlls remin the same,. I updated the framewear at the beggining.


Hi @Andrei3

Have you set the buttons on Soundcore App for the Double Tap and Hold to change the / Increase / Decrease the Audio volume?

If not, you need to do it first to control volume on Liberty 2 Pro.

Do let us know

By the way, you did right by upgrading the firmware to the latest, great job👍

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Gee that is nice to know… I was wondering how to do that.

Thanks @Shenoy

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Hope this helps… Uploaded video to show the setting

Hi, i already tryed to do that,didn’t work

I am going to refund them because i find them very uncofortable