Anker Liberty 2 air earbuds are garbled

My Liberties we working fine then today I put them in and the music is all garbled. When putting them in the lady saying what percentage your at sounds fine but the minute I put on music it’s all garbled.

Does this “garbled” mean there are interruptions?
Sorry, I am not a native speaker, so I do not understand that expression “garbled” in context with music.

It sounds like its under water or when the battery is low it plays slower.

Very strange, never heard of such an issue.

You should try a reset, Jennifer.
You will find the method to do this by searching Youtube or use the magnifier option in the right upper corner.
If this doesnt work you could contact soundcore support.

So that means the buds are working fully in the drivers but there’s a codec issue.

I’d first reset everything. Delete all pairings, turn off all Bluetooth everywhere, turn phone off, reset the buds, turn phone on and pair again.

Above is some common resolution to earbud issues.

I think you may have stated your own issue in that the battery is low and that it plays slow. What happens when you charge up the earbuds? Is it the same or does it still play slow?

It’s at 100% charge so I know it’s not that.


If you’ve had the same issue connecting to another device as well, your best bet may be to contact Soundcore support at this point. If you’re located in the US, the contact email should be

I did this yesterday but nothing worked. Now it all work and everything everything is fine except the lady doesn’t tell me what my percentage is at which is fine I keep them at 100%. Thank you for you help.