Anker LC90 Flashlight now available on UK Amazon :)

WOOHOO I see the LC90 Flashlight is now available on UK Amazon website:

Looking forward to buying one of these, just waiting for a promo from Anker :wink:

Update 9th Jan: Well I did buy one of these and I’m well pleased with it, here’s my review:


Looks like a great flashlight!

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Brilliant. Thanks. Just ordered :slight_smile:

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Left is LC90, right is LC40.


Just bought one myself with the 20% off code that Anker has emailed out :slight_smile:

Aargghh. Sods law, ordered 19 hours ago, gets email with discount code just after the Amazon dispatch email. :thinking:

Anker can give you a credit. I bought an item from someone else (Choetech) just before a discount code came out, they gave me the few $ credit after I said it was unfair.

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@nigelhealy Thanks for the comparison, I already have a couple of the LC40 in our house so easy to see the difference. Looking forward to receiving mine tomorrow :slight_smile:

Enjoy. It’s not “pocketable” like the LC40, a lot heavier, the main difference is focus spread wide/narrow. The difference in brightness not so obvious.

It beckons for something in between where say you can recharge the torch but not as big as the LC90. You’ll see what I mean tomorrow. I keep suggesting to Anker just add a CREE top to the Powercore+ mini and then a screw-on bottom (like you’ll see on the LC90) to make it water-resistant.

I’m visiting UK next month and imagine the packing, the 18650B charger not needed if the charging circuit added to the LC40. The LC90 is a lot bigger (due to the focus and a little brighter). It’s almost better to carry the LC40 plus a spare charged 18650B.

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After trying out I’ll fully agree. They need the LC50. It’s good, but not quite as polished as I expected. The thread on the battery cover is a little rough. Also the reflector is a bit discoloured (as if glue coming through the back). Not so keen on the way to change modes either; my button won’t partial push to change modes. I must turn it off completely, then change modes @AnkerOfficial is this faulty?
Even so I still like it, but not sure if I can honestly give a 5 star rating. This would be a first for me with an Anker product :frowning:

It’s not faulty, you fully click off then off <2 seconds to cycle between modes, but to turn on briefly in the last used mode a slight non-clicking press. The roughness is basically the waterproofness seal.

I’m not sure sure its fair to give the LC90 a low score as you’re comparing to the LC40 which is a good torch.

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