Anker LC90 Flashlight Extra battery?

Hi, guys, I brought Anker LC90 Flashlight, It comes with 1 Battery, I want to have an extra battery, How Can I buy other extra battery? if someone have experience please help me

If you know the exact type of the battery there should be no problem to get another one.
The type should be printed on the one you got with the torch.

" 18650 Battery" is written, I do search But not any popular brand have made them.


I took a look at

But I don’t know if those are of high quality.
You could ask the ANKER support as well.


It doesn’t look like Anker sells an 18650 battery separately, but there are third-party options available as @Chiquinho noted. Since the LC90 has a Micro USB charging port, you could always bring a power bank along to keep the flashlight charged (instead of a backup battery cell).


Yes better, than to keep another battery.

Oh sorry, I forgot you as a honorable member of our “new exclusive ANKER -team” here.
Really sorry Ryan. :smiley:

So we are " The Magnificent Nine"
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I pay 22$ for Flashlight, 16 euro is so much for only battery :sweat_smile:
almost same price as flashlight.
I am using US amazon.

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Yes I tested and I can charge flashlight with power banks. but you can’t use flashlight while charging it, I just want to have extra battery for emergency usage.

The problem is that not the “usual” AA (AAA) batteries are used.
So the price is high, you are absolutely right.
Solution: Buy a second flashlight! :smiley:

looks like its better to have 2 flashlight then 2 batterys :smiley:.
OK guys, I brought my flashlight from seller Anker direct , how can I get warranty activation?
warranty Automatically actived when I brought it or I must do it manually?

I dont know, but If you keep the bill with the date of purchase it should be fine.
And I am sure the flashlight will be OK for many years.
I use a LC40 for many years now, never any problems.

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You don’t need to register your product for the warranty as you might do for other companies. Just keep a PDF of your Amazon invoice and a picture of the serial number on your product (if it has one; not every Anker product does) as you’ll need to provide them if you request warranty service in the future.

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I Got Anker Flashlight LC90 From SELLER: Anker Direct, I recycled Box, It will be problem?

I dont think so.
But always better to keep boxes, though I got a real pile of boxes meanwhile! :grin:

Might as well just get another flashlight

Guys When I use it contiunously for example 10-15 min, it getting hotter, As manuals says It can work 6 hours on medium level, So will it catch fire melt or something if it will be used for 6 hours? Thanks!

want to add 2nd LC90 it there any deal guys?

None that I know of, keep an eye on Amazon, maybe they have it on sale soon

yes I check Amazon everyday.
my first LC90 got for 22.99$ hope there will be deal again.

I see that at


But there have been bargains in the past.
So you should wait. :grin: