Anker LC40

I saw you were running special pricing for a two-pack LC40 on Amazon on 6/28/19. I decided not to buy because I own two of the LC90’s and love that they have the ability to recharge without having to remove the battery. SOOOOO, my wish list is Anker develop the LC40 with built in 18650 rechargeable battery. I LOVE my LC90’s and the two-cell rechargeable LC90. I purchased a Mag-Lite several years ago, but it has lost favor since the batteries can’t be recharged like Anker rechargeables and when I need to use it, the battery is pretty much discharged. I now only purchase rechargeable flashlights because of the convenience. The LC40 does not come with rechargeable batteries built in, so my suggestion is to re-create that flashlight with a built-in 18650 rechargeable battery. I love gadgets, and the LC40 flashlight would be a nice addition to my collection of Anker flashlights.

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Maybe you missed it, but Anker does have the Lc40 that is rechargeable. The only difference is the battery isnt removable

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For that price you might as well get the LC90…

The lc90 is 15 dollars more…


@tank didn’t see your link. Wasn’t trying to steal your thunder :grin:

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No it’s $8 more… and if you get it on sale, it’s the same price…

Thanks to everybody who responded. I did not know there was a rechargeable LC40. This is good to know! (Too bad it’s not a 2-pack like the one I referenced). Additionally, the Rechargeable LC40 isn’t as streamlined by design. Oh well, will now wait for a sale on the Rechargeable LC40! Thanks for the information! BTW, for those who suggested the LC90 . . . as I stated, I already have two of them (cause I like them that much!) :+1::blush: