Anker LC40 Pocket Torch Review

Another Anker product, another excellent item. I have several Chinese torches and the lumen output is nothing like it is claimed. I trust Anker so bought this knowing that it would be a quality product. And it is. It’s very bright but it can’t be focussed. Excellent for personal use and is small enough to carry in a pocket. It is very well made and feels like it will last forever. I use a rechargeable 18650 battery in it and it fits great. There is an adapter to use 3 AAA batteries provided which is handy. It’s the best torch I have.


We are glad to hear that you are satisfied with our products.
This is a popular product, a lot of consumers like it.:grin:

Thanks for sharing @Richard_Corbishley I like the LC40 too, one of my most used torches :smiley:

Thanks for the review. I have 2 of these flashlights and these are amazing. I keep one on me during late evening walks (to scare any nearby animal). Battery life has been excellent (I use 1 x 18650 cell instead of 3xAAA.

Thanks for the detailed review- I just purchased the rechargeable version of this flashlight ( and it is excellent.

The 400-lumen brightness is the same as the one that you reviewed, but it has two extra modes- Strobe and SOS. To be honest, I don’t really see a use for them, as you have to go through all the modes or hold the power button for 3 seconds (which sometimes doesn’t work) to turn the flashlight off.

To be clear, I love this flashlight. It is amazing for using when walking the dog at night, and the “high” setting is bright enough to blind an attacker. I just wish that the button was a bit more responsive so that changing modes would be easier. Also, a replaceable battery wouldn’t hurt.

Thanks to Anker for another great product!