Anker LC40 Flashlight

I haven’t seen much advertisement or discussion about the Anker LC40 flashlight. I purchased 4 18650 batteries and was looking for flashlights to use them. I didn’t even know Anker made a flashlight but when I stumbled onto the Amazon page I had to have it because I love everything Anker that I have so far.

I was concerned that it is nonadjustable but is a total non-issue. I love the flashlight so much I purchased a second one. It is small, lightweight and very bright. It’s beam has a good spread but the center is more concentrated so it has a good throw as well.

Does everyone else love this flashlight as much as me?


I have the Anker LC90 flashlight and I’m also very happy with it. I particularly like that it has a built-in charger for the 18650 battery that uses a Micro USB input.

I have the LC40 Flashlight and I am also running 18650 batteries in it. I absolutely love this flashlight!!! I EDC this super bright flashlight. I only wish it had a pocket clip. I did notice that my flashlight gets a little hot with the 18650 battery, but it is preforming flawlessly…

LC40 appears discontinued?

How’s the switch quality? I’ve had cheaper flashlights where the button pushes though and comes off…Not saying Anker would cheap out but is it a firm press or light press? Is it a fixed beam too or no?

No issues so far! One feature I like with the switch is that it remembers your last setting, so I can keep it on “low light” without needing to cycle through every option when I turn it on/off.

Are the flashlights water proof or shock proof? I haven’t looked into this and this is the first time I read that Anker has a flashlight.

To me that is a crucial piece of info. Thanks for sharing.

I have the LC40 and agree it is an awesome flashlight! Nice and small, very sturdy, and incredibly bright!

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To Isaac_Schloss:
I’m not sure if they are technically waterproof, but there are o-rings in the connections so certainly resistant. Also the flashlight is solid metal aside from the lens and rubberized button-switch. Since the bulb is LED, I would say they are at least somewhat shock-resistant as well. It will get dinged up, but as long as it doesn’t land lens-down on a pointy rock, I suspect it would be fine.

There is also a nice wrist-loop/lanyard to help prevent drops.