Anker Kiosks

Is there anyone here that has visited the newly announced Anker kiosks or lives close enough to one to possibly visit and share some pictures of the place!? I live about 2 hours from the closest one here in California but will be visiting the area at the end of this month to hopefully check it out and post some pictures and share my experience with all yall! :grin:


Do you mean the stores that Anker just announced they will be opening in US? Are they already open to public?

I believe they are Kiosks only from the looks of the picture on the post. Like the ones in all of Americas malls. If they ARE actual stores within malls that would be awesome!

The two in Seattle Washington are already open. The two planned for California debut are “coming soon”.

Interesting as I live close to the California malls but I never been there as traffic is so bad I just buy online. I might go into a physical place to try on shoes, and then buy 2 pairs online to last some years.

I expect this will open up Anker to a different demographic, those who like shopping physically.


my gf found one of them in CA… but looks like they’re not quite open yet…



That looks like it meant to be staffed booth? I thought it was robotic, draws, locks etc.

you mean like one of those high tech vending machines? naw… they are meant to be staffed… and I heard you can actually rent batteries while you shop around the mall… sounds like a fun, interesting concept!


Lmao I am the same way. Everything I own is purchased online crowds or even going out in public besides me being at work is a thing of the past. I just cant be around more than a handful of people for any given amount of time.


Different points.

I agree that humans are special, of the 13.8 Billion years of the observable universe, of which the 4.5B years of this rock we live on, of which 3.5B of simple life, of which 535M of complex life, to the 200K years of modern humans, and now the 7 Billion humans, I do feel each human is very important, and so large crowds of humans feels “too much special”.

I was making a different point, malls are inefficient, they are a dying idea that we buy things in physical places. I walk and bike everywhere, have done for >30 years, and to me the idea of lugging a physical item from a physical place is the reserve of potatoes and milk which are grown locally, everything else is made in China and dropped at my door.