Anker KARAPAX Silicone Case

I really am impressed with the incredible protection this case has!

It’s easy to put on and has a nice fit around my iPhone!

The case is made with quality material and is very durable!

I am still able to access the volume buttons!

Also, I can plug my phone in to charge without having to removing the case!

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I haven’t yet tried an Anker phone case, I’m sure it carries the Anker tradition of quality.

@Miranda_Fahey i know you want to post reviews and what not, but can you please post more content and pictures along with your review? Because right now it seems like your just posting your excitement in order to gain powerbucks

@ndalby would you agree?


Mentioned the same here @Tank


This is like the 3rd posts with no real content.

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good suggestion :ok_hand:t3:

should move to farming section :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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