Anker items not available in certain countries

Noticed a few posts recently that have referenced items which are currently not in the UK (and likely vice a versa for US customers). Not certain why this is (would like to know though), but what items would you be interested buying in your country that are currently only available in another?

Mine would be the Anker PowerHouse2 and the Anker Car jump start

Same two products on my wish list.
The desk laptops and some of the wall chargers were not available in the UK either, but I’m assuming this is purely due to them having a US power plug. Probably the same reason the power house is US only?

Maybe, although the module for AC looks like a push fit so logically should be able to be modified during production. While in the UK the market place might be smaller for joe public, I would think a number of small businesses would be interested.

I would guess the charging of it would be from a kettle lead or equivalent due to the juice it can pop out, would take a month of Sunday’s and then some via USB :laughing:

Lol yea I realised when I was typing it probably wasn’t charged vis USB :smile_cat:
It would possibly need a transformer to be plugged into the main in the Uk.

I don’t know, we’d need an official Anker response but I can guess. My guess is it relates to the size of the economies of various countries. The UK has a unique mains plug which would mean the development cost is spread across fewer deployed units, so I’d expect therefore to focus on the most popular product types. Then Anker heavily relies on Amazon so some of these issues will be created by Amazon’s distribution limitations.

I pond hop between USA and UK and so what I tend to do is buy USA products and use in UK and less the other way round. I accumulate, usually from old laptops, the UK power cords and plug them into the 5-port Powerport 5 so I can move between countries with the cord. The only really UK specific thing is the UK version of the Powerport 2 pretty much everything else is highly country generic.

You have to pass local safety rules.

Then you have all the language barriers. English is the nearest to Universal but can cause offense if not a local language option.

I see on Anker’s website they offer 9 countries (USA, Germany, Japan, UK, France, Spain, Canada, Italy, China) although when I click on them I only see English and Chinese text, and if I click on products they then take to the local language Amazon site.

I’d have thought the biggest issue with the PowerHouse2 is it cannot be flown due to being one mega battery it would have to go by sea which can take months.

The car jump starter, it can create 400A peak output, so would there be a safety concern shipping that via air?

I would have thought stock would be transported in bulk via a shipping freighter rather than by air.

There is also the possibility of UK buyers using an adapter with the US model, which could get around the two design specs. But fair points none the less Nigel.