Anker is all in in Usb-C

As per the Verge anker is going all in on Usb-C and their new product offerings will show and exhibit this.

Let’s see and praise Anker for taking the leap, now let’s hope they start incorporating it into every product going forward


It’s about time!

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It is about time, but why wait for Apple to announce USB-C in their new iPads for Anker to say they are “all in”?

Be the leader in the market @AnkerOfficial I remember writing just that several months ago when Anker had written that it was too expensive (or other) to concentrate on Type C cables.


This is what I have been waiting for since the end of last year, it’s too bad the new over-the-ear headphones didn’t make the cut.

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Thank God everyone needs to be moving to usb c

Woohoo Anker has woken up

Now all I need, is some availability in the PU lol

Indeed. Every product. I carry a MicroUSB cable because Anker has chosen for years to not put USB-C in their audio devices. My tablet and phone are USB-C, my laptop does have USB-C capability.

I listened. Did not mention this community. :unamused:

What did you expect? TheVerge is a big website. But he mentioned the community in general. Like the fact that they read every comment.

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