Anker iPhone 5 covers Steve Jobs phone cover

The Apple iPhones 5 and 5s are out and many people own these older phones. I personally own two of them and I use them constantly they are terrific. I just recently searched the internet for a Anker cover for these 2 phones. I found the Glazer cover on some site for 6 dollars and ordered in 3 weeks ago and today I got it. Now my question is this. This is the nicest iPhone 5 cover I have ever used will the company please bring this cover back so people with these phones can get those nice covers ? thank you

Despite the large number probably still in use I would doubt Anker would return to making them going forward…in fact I think there was a thread that they were kinda shifting away from phone cases to concentrate on other core products…


My wife has older 5 and found it to work well but its no longer receiving security updates from Apple. So these older phones are no longer supported and may be open to security issues. Because of this I pot her an old iphone 6.

However 5s is still supported but from past history Anker has only offered products for iPhones still in production and the iPhones 6/6s products are limited.