Anker introduction video

I found this cool anker introduction video, and since if only had 19 views I figured most have you haven’t seen it :grin:.

You can show this to any friend who don’t know about anker yet :grin:.

It talks about there history, and where they are now, and where they are going.

I hope you enjoy watching it!


This is really cool! When I read the title I thought (idk why) Anker was introducing video streaming service like Apple. Now that I read the title again, I am honestly confused why I thought that :joy:

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Haha, Interesting… I think if they did, I wouldn’t be The one who got to introduce it :joy:

Lol yea but again my brain works a bit different sometimes. Especially after 6 or so in the evening :joy:

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@Anjou1888 great find! Looks like you are researching a lot on Anker brands :thumbsup:

Keep these goodies coming


This video has outdated information! Anker products have now been sold in over 100 countries!


That is even better, has @AnkerOfficial updated video material, Video is better than reading big blog notes :wink:

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Are you sure? This was published March 29th :grin:

Good work @Anjou1888 :thumbsup:

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Wow! 100 billion dollars by 2020! Great find @Anjou1888

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Anker won’t be worth 100 billion, the charging industry will…

Yes! That is what the video said!

Around 2:50 “predictions say, the charging accessory market could reach 100b by 2020”

Not anker, just the charging accessory market

Yep! Once again, that is what the video said.

Oh haha, I thought you meant the opposite :joy:.

Sorry my bad :sunglasses:

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Cool finding!

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But I am sure, Anker will be getting major chunk out of the 100 Billion Goldmine!

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