Anker Innovations App Login

I installed the app as soon as the beta was announced here:

But I haven’t been able to login, I’m trying to use FB/Google but keep getting an error. Not sure if it’s an issue with my phone (Galaxy S9+) or if anyone else is having the situation.

I’ve been away from my usual spot, so I can only check in late in the day if at all, and I want to keep up through my phone.

It’s probably because it’s just a beta, it’s not fully stable. Message @AnkerOfficial so they can get the beta feedback!

In the meanwhile, someone here might have a fix :wink:

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Is that how you log in here the Anker forum?

yes it is.

Weird that you can log in then. I had no trouble logging in. Hopefully they release an update soon and fix more bugs

yeah, it’s really weird, never had an issue before. probably a permission setting somewhere.

Does anyone know if Reply by Email will ever work?
I could stay up to date at least on my current topics that way.