Anker in Walmart

I was browsing my local walmart waiting on the pharmacy, anyhow, I walked around the electronics department and found that Anker, Zolo, Nebula and Roav was all here. At least 1 product from each sister brand had a presence here. Although the bluetooth speaker display was taken a part aside from the soundcore boost…which I got yelled at because I blasted it to see how it sounds haha. The prices were also pretty good considering…


Who yelled at you, an employee or friend/family member? lol

I’ve actually seen some Anker products at Walley World that I haven’t seen on the Anker website or Amazon. Probably the same products with different packaging.

I’m curious how good sales are at Walley World considering there are more options and competition literally right next to each other.


That’s pretty cool…it being at Walmart. Unfortunately, I don’t have any Walmart around me.

An employer yelled at me because some older folks complained the music was making their ears bleed…it’s funny because you can’t choose your own music at the station, it’s music Walmart selected to play on repeat. All I did was crank the volume and hit the bass up button. Which even at such a loud volume was nice and crisp, I was impressed

Wally World :joy:… love national lampoons vacation!


Is no one amazed at the I mediate mark down of the nebula? A lot of products from Anker while new to this store were imdeiately marked to clearance.


The walmart near me has some Anker products as well. Zolo Mojo speaker, the whole line of SoundCore devices from 2017 as well as some SoundBuds. No Roav or Nebula products yet. I’m glad that Anker is getting some representation at the largest retailer in the world (for the time being).

Yes, in fact, I saw the Mojo advertised along with the Google Home products on a screen in the grocery section of my local Walmart!

Some of those speakers also had an early launch at Walmart exclusively (before even Amazon got them)!

What other products from sister brands were there?

The zolo mojo, the Roav f1 or whichever it’s called that has fm modulator, obviously the nebula Mars lite…I didn’t realize there was a lite version, all the bluetooth headphones except the zolo liberty/+

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I’d wager that the zolo liberty will make it’s way to Walmart soon.

No Walmart here. :grin:
But may be Walmart allows to write reviews.

I think it is a deal between Walmart and Anker. When we looked at new products on Amazon there was always a price cut. So maybe Walmart has the discount for 2 more weeks and then Nebula will change the price.

Oh right, I also didn’t realize the lite.

That’s a very good price on a Nebula Mars! :astonished:

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I messaged a friend who is one of the managers at Walmart, he told me the pricing is because they are not always displayed they end up sitting out back and it goes to clearance after a certain amount of time if it doesn’t get sold. The Nebula lite came in at a clearance price because that store wasn’t suppose to get them so they have to clear the stock


Anymore it seems everything is clearanced at wally world. I missed the clearance on last years model rokus by about 2 weeks and found that some of the 2017 models were actually clearance already anyway. Weird business model at times it seems.

wow anyone want to buy me the Mars Nebula…that is a great price!!!

The walmart by me was clearancing the ROAV car chargers… if they go cheaper I’m buying one just cuz… not that I need it…

Same, I’m waiting for the f2 to get marked down some more.

I didn’t see it in Walmart Canada, was it only for US only as usual?