Anker in the Spotlight again!

The Anker power adapter that charges your iPhone from 0% to 80% in under an hour is down to $18!

I’m very happy to see Anker killing it out there! I saw this on Google News.

Link to Article


Pretty neat to see anker become a well known brand. Yeah it’s always neat to be one of the first people to buy from a brand that ends up becoming a huge brand, which I know is where anker is headed :wink:

For example, I played minecraft since alpha (2009) and watched it become a multi-million dollar company.


I’m proud to be apart of the Anker community. :slight_smile: Way to go Anker :slight_smile:


Hey I got one of those! It’s awesome!

With the pins folded in it has a completely manageable profile for packing. Here’s a pic I took of all the chargers I had laying around, with this $18 charger on the left and the Atom PD on the far right:


Too bad I already have a 30w charger, otherwise I would get this one

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I remember one year ago you are Lv5…
Now you are Lv11!
Time flies…:sunglasses:

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Wow, that tells me the story, I still doubt if I will be Level 11 in a year from now. :innocent:
How come @AnkerTechnical is not growing?? :thinking:

DIfference with PD1 is just size?

It sure does. :slight_smile:

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