Anker Hoard

I know a lot of people hoard boxes especially those from apple and other tech companies that have nice presentation on their boxes. I have recently come to the realization that I have this problem with Anker boxes. I used to stack them nicely in my desk drawer but that quickly ran out of space so I moved them under my bed. But now even under the bed is lacking in space for the boxes I still have. This is with them stacked and placed like a giant jenga puzzle under there as well. So I was wondering how many other people hoard these beautiful boxes and what they do with them or do they simply throw them out?


A couple we have repurposed and used as gift boxes… Obvs wrapped them and placed whatever inside the empty box… The spirit X box was a great box for that… The life 2 gift box box, will make a fantastic gift box.

There are already a few similar threads

There are also pictures if people’s collection in random threads here and there


I think, (from reading) he was more about the boxes than the Anker collection?

The boxes are still within those post

I searched for the topic first and they all seemed to deal with the products themselves I was asking about the boxes sorry if it seems like a repeat thread

i store them in my drawer too!

Good idea!

I used to keep them all but then I realized i needed to just get rid of them.

I keep telling myself to get rid of them but it’s hard

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Yeah I did need ot use one to send back a soundcore boost once - that was useful to have around, so maybe keep the boxes of the really nice ones but ditch the cable and other minor boxes.

That’s a good idea the small ones can’t be repurposed as easily

yeh true…

I’ve started to unfold the boxes that I can it saves a ton of space.

Simple solution will be to toss it in your recycle bin :recycle:

I recycle most of my boxes in general.

I do have,and will prob keep, the Soundcore life gift box. Only other ones I tend to keep are my Apple boxes

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Why do you keep the apple boxes though?

Who told you I do? I toss it out on day 1 :recycle:

Lol sorry hit reply to the wrong person meant to ask @k_pug2003

Yea I started that a while ago. I like checking to see if it gets updated.