Anker has frozen.

I’ve only had it less than a month. Playing perfectly after easy pairing with my iPod. Now it won’t turn off and won’t play. I’ve deleted the Anker from my iPod and did not re-pair for a good fifteen minutes since the instructions indicate that if unpaired with a device the Anker speaker will automatically shut down. It did not.


Could you tell us the type of the speaker, please.
May be a reset of the speaker could help.

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@bahoffman More information as to speaker model would be helpful for assistance from community members :slightly_smiling_face:

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Turns out that I did reset it by holding the power button down for about 30 seconds. Now it’s working fine once again.


Good to hear.

Thats it what we want to hear.
Enjoy our day with the working speaker!

Thanks. It happened when I wanted to keep the speaker and my iPod operating all night with ‘white noise’ to help me sleep (both were plugged into the electrical outlet). Before I fell asleep the sound stopped but I didn’t want to get up to investigate. In the morning I discovered that the iPod had flipped itself to earbud mode and the speaker was frozen. Any suggestion of why that happened?

Good job :+1:

May I know your speaker model?

Model #A3102

The holding down the power button (until bluetooth light turned off) also helped to un-freeze my Anker A3301 PowerConf