Anker has a new 12 Outlets, 3 USB Ports Surge Protector PowerPort Strip

Ankers newest Anker 12 Outlets, 3 USB Ports Surge Protector PowerPort Strip with 6ft cord is available now on Amazon
What do you think of this, and is it something you would buy? Let me know what you think.
I am gonna get this because I can get rid of my utility extension cord, this has more ports than the one I currently have and is in a smaller frame so it will take up less room.


Looks very good. Personally I don’t see the need to 12 sockets. We (the UK) tend to have 4 socket extension leads and sometime 6.

Shame these never make it outside the states. The older version never got released here either. But if the did. I would buy one.


I was looking for something just like this! My current surge protector only has 8 outlets so I always have to shuffle the larger power bricks around since they won’t all fit at the same time. I like the 6 outlets on the edge since they look nice and widely-spaced! Hopefully the center outlets are far enough in to be usable without getting covered by a halo of giant power bricks :grin:


I only have a need because my bedroom, which was an office room originally, only has 2 outlets. Both are on opposite sides of the room in a corner, so I need extension cord to reach my bedside where I have my light, laptop, phone,cpap machine, alarm clock, fish tank filter, tank heater, uv tank sanitizer. On the other side i have the Tv, Playstation, xbox, record player, another light, Eufy genie, and the 5 port charge base. This would help alleviate the space the utility plugs take up as they are round and awkward, plus with the built in usb ports I could eliminate the phone plugs and move the 5 port to a different area in the house.

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I have the Anker 6 Outlet Surge Protector and love it. So, I would definitely have this on my wish list. It would be perfect for the hubby’s computer area. Right now, he has 2 small surge protectors. This would definitely eliminate the mess under his desk.


12 seems excessive I’m not sure of places with so many socket required.

Only 3 USB socket?

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Very nice looking. I will definitely remember this next time I need one

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Interesting to have a row going down the middle so close. Ac adapters usually take up more space than one really wants thus one less receptical.

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High voltage=


Agree. Would rather have fewer outlets and more USB for my “power drawer”

And USB-C.

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@joshuad11 @nigelhealy everyone has a specific need, while this may not work for you guys it will work for others. As with all products, someone somewhere will have a use for it

I like that many of the plugs are spaced out. It seems that every device has a power brick on the plug now!


Anker should make more of these.

I completely agree. I have a monster brand behind my stereo and plugged into it is 8 items some with the power brick and I could use 10
satellite receiver
stereo amp
Android tv box…Big plug
VCR…Yah I know!!
under cabinet lighting…Big plug
powered sub
external hard drive to add pvr option to Satellite
DVD carousel

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Yeah I like the look of this - so many of my devices have a decent-sized brick at the port. I don’t have 12 devices to plug in, but this would be useful just for the real estate.

That is probably the most densely populated surge protector I’ve ever seen. I don’t think it’s too practical for me since I don’t need that many plugs in one location. I can only imagine all the cables that lie around it.

Will be there an Europe edition? Because US and UK plugs are useless to me.

I can’t see this product being released outside the US!

Like lots of their other products.

Wow! :astonished: And it still works?

Hey I still have a VCR and I also have a laser disc. …and an old 8 track tape player that all still work