Anker Global Store vs Anker Official Store on AliExpress

Are both “Anker Global Store” and “Anker Official Store” on AliExpress both genuine Anker stores?

  • Anker Official Store is based in Hunan China and opened 15 Feb 2015.
  • Anker Global Store is based in Zhejiang China and opened 29 July 2015.

If they are both genuine, what is the difference?

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Only the Anker Official Store is genuine. Our customer service is only valid for the products purchased in this store. :relaxed:


Thank you. Hopefully the Power Bank 20000mAh Fast Charge I got from the other one is a genuine product, and not a copy. How can I tell?

You can do a product verification on Anker official website.


I’ve seen more AliExpress as the seller lately

Looks like I’m out of luck. No security code for me.

Oh well, I know for next time. At least the Quick Charge 3.0 63W 5-Port, SoundBuds Slim Wireless Headphones, SoundBuds Lite, and SoundCore nano came from the genuine store.

The verification page doesn’t include China as a location for the products sold. Nor does it permit me to enter the the serial number for verification. Are you able to tell if serial number AFZJJ16185200185 is likely to be genuine, and therefore likely to be reliable? (I realise that anyone making a counterfeit item can counterfeit the serial number, so this is not 100% guaranteed.)

Your best bet is to email and ask them directly about genuine products and if your serial number is verifiable

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Thanks @elmo41683, I’ve done that now.

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