Anker GlassGuard Double Defense Review

Recently on the last raffle I won a 2 pack of the DOuble Defense Glass screen protectors for the iPhone 7/Plus. I have the plus and already have a glass one on it so I got them for my wife who has the regular sized 7. She always had issues with the Zagg Invisible Shield HD+ Glass cover cracking and shattering from being in her purse. I was contemplating buying these already. So, onto the review.

Zagg utilizes these two tabs, one at each end of the glass to easily place it onto the screen. This process is painless and I didn’t think it could get easier. Anker utilizes (in a nutshell) stickers. Take your case off, line up the glass protector (do not take off the adhesive back yet!) and put the stickers on the one edge to create a “hinge” system. When you’ve made sure it is lined up perfect, triple check that no dust ends up on the screen, take the adhesive back off and check for dust one more quick time before flopping it onto your phone. once you rub the air bubbles out let it settle for a minute then take the hinge stickers off and you are good to go.

As with ANY glass screen protector and most plastic films, they do NOT go the the edge on the iPhone 6 and newer because of the curved glass. they are only designed to cover the portion of the screen that is actually used. If you use any case though it’ll protect the sides anyway so nothing to worry about.

It’s been a few weeks since having it on my wife’s phone but no chips, cracks or scratches yet and it is actually much nicer than my $40 Zagg one on my 7 Plus.

Kudos to Anker for a great wallet friendly glass screen protector to go with all of my other Anker cables, batteries and chargers!