Anker Glass Guard Screen Protector

So, I originally had a pack of these screen protectors when the iPhone X was released and I remember installation being a breeze and the screen protector actually sticking to the screen. I decided that the iPhone X, at the time, wasn’t worth parting with my hard earned cash and so returned it. The screen protectors were branded under the Karapax name at the time and seemed great.

Fast forward to this evening where I received the Glass Guard from Amazon and went along with the installation. The first screen protector barely stuck to the screen and didn’t look like the flawless installation I was after (watched the installation videos, used the alignment frame and ensured there was no dust on the screen). All in all, very poor adhesion.

Applying the second one went a little bit better but there are still little bubbles under the screen that just won’t stick. Again, no dust - I like to think of myself as a screen protector veteran as I’m the ‘go to’ person to apply them by friends and family.

I know Anker pride themselves in quality products and I routinely buy their cables (I highly recommend their Powerline+ II) and was wondering if I had received a faulty item? Or is it just me?

I was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience to what I’ve had? Can anybody provide pointers on where I may be going wrong, if indeed I am.

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I don’t think that you did anything wrong. I assume that something went wrong during production.

I would suggest that you contact the support because @AnkerOfficial shouldn’t response for a while because they are celebrating some Chinese day

I actually just applied the Glass Guard on an iPhone X this past weekend and my advice would be to keep the adhesive film that the iPhone comes wrapped in.

Run the shower in a bathroom (no exhaust fan) so it’s nice and humid in the room. This helps any airborne dust to “settle down.”

Thoroughly clean the screen, snap on the alignment frame, that lay the adhesive film over the phone’s screen as best you can. Remove the film just before applying the Glass Guard. The film does a great job of picking up any tiny pieces of dust that land on the screen.


I do everything you’ve said, bar the steamy room as I never really have issues with dust getting trapped under the screen but it does seem a helpful tip.

My problem wasn’t really with dust, it was more with the adhesion of the screen protectors themselves of which there was very, very little so it wouldn’t ‘stick’ to the iPhone.

Hi @johnnee,
Sorry to hear about the adhesion. Feel free to reach out to for help with this. Thanks!