Anker Gifts

What would you say would be a good gift combination of Anker Products for a first time Anker user?


It is most helpful to get “All they need” Find their device. Then get the cable to match, to be Lightning, MicroB, USB-C.

A good all-in is the Powercore Fusion but that is USA only. It is a combo of charger and portable charge, you use it for everything all the time, you plug it into the wall and the phone into it, it charges your phone first then itself and then you pull it from the wall and take it with you and is about 1 full phone recharge. Good for non-techies “all you need”.

Another option is to get a Powerport 2 and a Powercore Mini+ it is in effect very similar combined to the Fusion, but you’d tend to keep the Mini with you purse / pocket and the Powerport at home. Good for traveling with, recharge the Mini and the phone together at night.

More expensive is to go with one of the slimmer batteries like the 5000 SLim, 10000 Slim, but the costs begin to climb, and the size goes up in pocket/bag but more for long trips like weekends camping etc.


great insight on some nice Anker Gifts…seems like I’m about to go shopping and everyone getting Anker

Just seeing the title of this post, I thought the Anker Holiday Gifts had already started this year, but was surprised. Then I saw that’s not what the topic was about :joy:

Oh and @nigelhealy makes some great points. For me, 10000 and PowerPort II 2 is sweet spot in SQ.


Phone case is not a bad idea also

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Fair point, probably a screen protector too - but that is best done by a skilled hand so not really a gift?

For me, if I was going to be gifting things I would try to do the 10k battery pack along with phone cases depending on who and what phone they have. I also would gift cables because I know many people have issues with their cables so having Ankers reinforced cables would last them a long time


I think power banks make great gifts. In fact, 2 years ago, I purchased a couple of the PowerCore 13000 as xmas gifts for our mail carrier, UPS delivery guy, and some others. And if you wanted to make a gift set, perhaps some cables to go along with it. I would never say no to Anker power banks. :slight_smile:


An Anker case, screen protector, and portable charger (comes with its own charger which is handy if your phone/tablet is an android) but if that’s too much, any one of Anker’s portable chargers or car chargers is a good way to go.

Based on products that have garnered some interest from relatives and colleagues lately mine would be;

LC40 Flashlight (you could splurge for the LC90 if a relative due to cost)
PowerCore 10000
SoundCore (still raising eyebrows when staff come into my office :smile:)


Definitely a PowerCore battery, maybe some PowerLine+ cables and Flashlight !

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Each person is different, but mid sized or small power cores, speakers, car chargers and multi-port wall chargers have all been successful gifts I have bought.
I generally bundle a cable with the gift, but if gifting to a fellow geek, Powerline+ cables can be a gift in their own right because they understand how cool they are :slight_smile:


I would suggest a SoundBuds Life or a SoundCore Boost, cos lots of people can’t live without music. Great gifts.:grin:


At Anker would you guys be willing to make something like a starter bundle? Almost like a little bit of all the parts of anker at a discount? Something like an Astro E1, Pocket blue tooth speaker and Powerpoert 2 ports? somerhing a long the lines of that with a 10% to 15% discount?


Depends, he is an iPhone or android user?

exactly music is the life blood for a lot of people

most Anker products are universal so I would say something that has the potential that can be used for both device types

@AnkerOfficial that is a great idea…are bundle starter kit for both Android and iOS which can contain a Powerline Wire, SoundBuds and Anker PowerCore 1000. This would be a great gift set for the holidays that is looming.

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exactly and the the best thing about Anker products that I have noticed is durability…That should be Anker new slogan Durability and Customer Service what else do you need.