Anker Gifts 2016

I realize that this is already being talked about in another location, moderators, haha, but I wanted to dedicate another spot (that maybe Anker can tell us more about, too) to talk about whether or not anyone has received their Anker free gift. This officially ended November 30, if that helps, but I know mine said it would be with be in “a few days” exactly two weeks ago today, so I am getting somewhat worried. Either way, it was a giveaway after all, so I can’t complain. Has anyone else received their gifts, though? However, I was just curious and wondering if @AnkerOfficial could provide some input. Thanks!

No, but as Anker already has mentioned due to the busy holiday season do not expect to get your free gifts till the new year.

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Where did they say that!?!?

It was through a personal email I received from them wanting to verify my address. Just hold your horses and it will show up soon :grin:

I am still waiting for mine as well. I did however get an email from Anker on Dec 1 stating to give them 30 business days for the item to arrive and if it has not arrived after the 30 days to send them an email.

Give them 30 days and after the holiday if you still haven’t receive it send them a e-mail. I had to do that last year since I guess my was lost since Anker said they mail it but I never receive it but they were happy to send out one again. Think I got it by the end of Jan.

Yeah, the email with the notification of being awarded a gift said:

Please note your gift can not be exchanged or returned unless it is faulty. Shipping times will depend on customs clearance and other factors. Please wait 30 working days for delivery, if after that time you still haven’t received it you can contact our support team at

You guys get yours yet?

Has anyone got their gift yet? I am still waiting for mine.

I got my replacement a couple weeks ago!

Did you have to email them? if so who did you email?

Anker support