Anker gift box this year?

Just wondering if anyone received a Anker gift box this year. I’m definitely not complaining as I think they have been very generous this year.

Thanks Anker for all that you do!

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Last year anniversary boxes were sent to the top 10 contributors. I received the email that a package was being sent from China on December 6th or 9th.
It’s anybody’s guess if anniversary boxes will be sent this year.


@deeznutz looks like you didn’t break the top 50 but I look forward to seeing you rise through the ranks this coming year.

Happy Holidays


How do you check top 10 contributors. I looked real quick up here at work but I couldn’t find the stats.


  1. Click on the there bars next to profile pic
  2. Users
  3. Sort by year
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I got one last year too but I never got any shipping info, so who knows. Nobody has said anything this year

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thanks, that’s the one area I didn’t check. It looks like I’m in the top 20.

My pleasure home slice😎

You’re 14th by my count the Anker admins don’t count.

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Aww that makes it less of a surprise if you had got an email a few weeks earlier.

But I suppose that what they need to do to ensure it goes to the right place.

I was mistaken I received the email on the 27th.

Anyone else notice that that forum is a little buggy today I’m not receiving notifications and the reply button is not working.

It’s on the Xmas slow down lol

I haven’t noticed any issues today… perhaps please try clearing your browser’s cache?

In the past when this has happened the problems worked themselves out without having to clear the cache. I had assumed they were just working on the website. I’ll give that a try though.

Thanks for the reminder and Merry Christmas Eve

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Merry Christmas Eve to you, too! :christmas_tree:

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Interesting. I never knew that. Thanks :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas Eve. We will see if you get something. I don’t think that I was active enough. But it would be great for you