Anker gets glassy with iPad screen protector (fingerprint issue?)

Anker did a good job coming into the market with these screen protectors. They get the job done a fraction of the cost compared to some other fly by night companies. I installed this protector and like most other glass protectors it installed very easily as long as you light up the front facing camera and home button. If you use the hinge method on the bottom or sides you are guaranteed a good fit without alignment issues.

Pay attention to the directions as they are very helpful. I managed to have a few bubbles in the middle of the screen before it was fully laid down. I picked the side back up just a hair and pushed the bubbles out bending the screen a little bit. This attests to the durability of the glass material itself. It was able to be bent slightly while installing. I do notice the sides were taking a bit of time to adhere, but I allowed it to suction itself to the screen with some time and it hasn’t given me any issues.

The one thing that bothers me the most is the oleo-phobic coating is streaky and very noticeable when reflecting light is on the screen. I am most disappointed by this aspect of the screen protector. Although very protected, I feel that I may seek a different protector for future purchases. Maybe I got a screen from a bad batch, but I do like the way it fits edge to edge and is very durable. Great job Anker! I will be purchasing more of your speakers and batteries than your screen protectors.




I have one of ankers glass screen protectors and it gets super full of my greasy finger prints that’s the only bad thing about it but I’m happy that this screen protectors saved my iPhone screen from not being all scratched up


Have the glass screen protectors on my iPad and iPhone 7 (used them ever since discovering Anker)…but yes they can be a fingerprint magnet over a period of time (like anything glass), though the upside is they buff up shiny with little issue :smiley:

When applying the protectors it is a good idea to apply in an area with recent steam exposure, like the bathroom or kitchen near a kettle, as it cut’s down on floating dust and the like which can get trapped during application…


I second this advice! It really helps for a dust-free application.

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@Arcticboarder21 Sorry to hear this screen protector didn’t work well for you. Could you please contact Ankerdirect customer support via We really want to help in this case.

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Couldmy find them on Amazon. You got a link

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