Anker gear of a college student

Meant to do this post last week but well life happens. but anyways here is all the Anker gear I use as a college student. All which I use on a daily basis usually. All listed out below

1x Powerport II PD
1x PowerCore Speed 20000 PD
1x 6ft Powerline+ II Usb to lighting
1x 6ft Powerline+ II Usb-C to lighting
1x 3ft Powerline+ II Usb-C to lighting (for use with PowerCore)
1x Liberty 2 pro wireless ear buds
1x spare Powerline+ II cord case for Liberty 2 Pros


Great collection @Wolfink23 :+1:t2:

Nice items! Spread the Anker gospel around campus

When a friend/classmate borrows my PowerCore and they use the usb-c cord. They are always impressed by the speed.


Nice collection you have there.

Love the collection. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.

Quite a nice collection you have,
Let it grow! → speaker!:wink:

You are well prepared for college! Thanks for sharing!

Nice - got a really nice kit there

Now I know what Professor meant when he said Ankerholic :slightly_smiling_face:
You should write a few words about what you think of each product and put it in the review section.

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In the old days when I was teaching at the university I would have liked to see such a student. :smiley:
Perfectly equipped.
Not in need of adapters, chargers and other things.

Great collection you got there :ok_hand:

Avrei aggiunto le Cuffie Wireless e lo speaker, ma forse sono io il malato ahahahah

Italian? :wink:

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Ovviamente si, fiero. But i can also write in English if i wanna. Haave a nice day !

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Yes please do. :wink:
Enjoy the weekend!