Anker free products

How do I get some free anker products :disappointed:

Anker has testing events here plus have the Beta Testing and lot of events from time to time.

Be a regular here, and you can get to test / review items

Apart from these there are no other Free things, if that is what you are looking for!

Hope this helps!


I checked it out and only available for us

Also there are SoundCore Collective and Eufy Security Community

They have events and testings going on, like Anker all the time.

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Hope I get something one day

Did you get anything for free?

There are couple of events for Powerline Cable on Anker, Indoor Cam for Eufy on Anker Community you may try your luck!!

There is nothing called as Free. Remember, when something is free, then you are the product. :wink:

Be a regular here, apply for testing, try your luck at events. Not just for freebies. There is lot of knowledge and information being shared which is more valuable than any free product :innocent:


Future well-known member lol