Anker for X-mas

if you guys/gales are like, i like giving.
this Christmas i am give Anker products away for gifts.
no, not the extreme stuff, stuff like power chargers and small stocking suffers.

any one else doing this, and if so are you buying thru amazon, Ebay or some where else?
i ask cuz i just seen a whole product area in my local Wal-Mart full on Anker stuff.

also why is Anker coming up as not a word in spell check???

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Anker at walmart? Where are you located? I have never seen Anker at Walmart.

Anker has begun selling their products on, but it’s interesting to hear they are in-store. I have yet to see this myself.

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I wonder if they’ll be coming to Asda in the UK then? That could be useful.

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Yes Anker would be just the perfect kind of Xmas gift as its gift-like in cost and package size.

The main problem is that most people are whoefully ignorant of basic electrics and wouldn’t what was a good charger or not. e.g. is 2A vs 0.5A.

I think “kits” for popular models would be good like a case, screen protector, charger, car charger, cable, powerbank in a decent box say for someone who you knew was getting a specific phone for Xmas. iphone kit, a Samsung kit, etc.

People flock to those “gift sets” during Christmas time. Axe body spray, deodorant, shampoo all in one. Anker could do auxiliary cable, iphone cable, and car charger. Or a battery. Different sets for different needs.

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@nigelhealy @William_Westfall That would be pretty cool! Anker gift sets, or an Anker starter pack for people getting new gadgets for Christmas. Top idea!

I believe power banks are going to be a ticket item this winter!

My local Walmart in NM also has a few Anker Products,
basically a few power banks and the PowerPort6.

I will have to check/ask my local walmarts then. I don’t see why a WalMart in California where Anker has their headquarters wouldn’t stock Anker items. I will definitely post pictures as well of the items they stock.

That’s a cool idea