Anker For Andriod & Beyond

I’ve searched the Anker site and it would seem that most of the systems/units have been designed for the iPhone products… When will more products be available for the Android devices?.. I’m mainly interested in a new battery for to devices I’m using The LG Android phone and the FujiFilm XP60 is there any chance Anker will branch out into other areas and offer more of a verity of batteries, or recharging units that will work for a variety of situations.

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I wanted to update this as something hopeful to look forward to. As I’ve said in other post, I’ve been given a chance for a free gift from Anker. I’ve selected the Powercore Mini and I’ve already set aside a small case for my belt. Even purchased a new USB power cord.

The idea is to have an on going power source which would last longer than the typically smart phone battery at full charge. With the support from panavise, I was able to acquire the car camera mount and made altered the design to support the smart phone… Being that the USB power cord is long enough and when I’m using the smart phone or even my camera in the field, I would then be able to connect the powercore to the camera or smart phone and continue my travels without interruption.

Although the video quality would not be that great on the smart phone & the camera would have to shut off and open as to allow for charging… I just like the idea of not having to stop for very long to continue my exploration. Which has been a drawl back in past years because one or the other device would fail to keep a charge beyond any set time frame.

At this point I may have opted for a wireless charging system for either my smart phone or camera which again I would have used in the field. Looking forward to testing this idea once the powercore etc arrives.

Same theme for laptops as well. I know most none apple products has a usb connection like tablets ect. Some laptops have the connection where any sudden movement and the power cord drops. I like how the Anker cables have a solid connection to the charging port. Seems like gravity itselft loosens cords from the port. Macbook has the magnetic cord for charging but a non apple one for older laptops would be nice. Doesn’t have to be magnetic, but it seems that non OEM cords would work better if they existed.