Anker Flashlights

I would like to see anker make flashlights. A nice emergency light or a compact one with easy recharging capabilities.

Ask and you shall receive (well minus charging);


Get an Anker Charger and charge your smartphone and use its torch feature? :laughing: cheap fix?

Anker has a couple of flashlight models out already. I have one - the LC40? that I really like. It’s small, solidly built and very bright.


Wow that’s great! I had no idea. Going to have to buy one and try it out.
So I’m editing my post here cause after I wrote it I went to shop for a flashlight and found this item.
Anker LC130 LED Flashlight,

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I’d quite like a light bar, would be ace I think. Sort of like the Pixel stick - only with a quickly rechargeable battery.

This one charges via Micro USB:

Is this another US-only thing? I can’t find it on Amazon UK :cry:

it’s for sale on Amazon UK it’s an amazing torch I use it every day when I need to go in the garden or the shed and it’s dark.

here’s the link for it

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Ah, I was looking for the LC90. It doesn’t seem to be available.