Anker flashlight discount code

This is an article that advertises a discount on the Anker bolder 900 lumen flashlight on amazing when you use the code ANKERLF8 you can see the link above for more information.


Sweet deal and even sweeter flashlight. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.

i have it and it is INCREDIBLE brighter than the sun, in high mode, durbale as hell, i left it out in the rain overnight by accident AND rechargable! Best thing ever

I have one of these torches.
Not this model a LC40.
But I think it is similar to the LC90

Great item.
Really small, very durable and super bright.
There is only one small “drawback” : it can not be focused.

A really good deal.

i keep one of these beasts in my truck, works excellent and holds a charge forever

cool thanks for sharing


Great item ! And especially useful right now, in the dark winter season. Very useful also in the car - in case something happens …

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Nice deals! Thanks for sharing

Does the flashlight also support a push button ? To send morse codes ?

Is it possible to change the color of the light ? Red for warnings, green for everything ok, go !

That would be very nice gimmicks !

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Actually it has 5 modes. High. Medium. Low. Strobe and S.O.S. So yea it does do Morse code. You’ll never find a brighter flashlight especially for the size. But seriously I think 900 lumens is an underestimate.