Anker Flare Mini Review

The Anker Flare Mini speaker might be small, but it is mighty!

Look & Feel
The LED lights at the bottom of the flare can make a great edition to a room and can add more color too! You can even change the light show by just pressing the button on the top of it and cycle through until you get a combination to your liking!

Here, you can control the volume, connect to bluetooth with one tap and turn on and off. The buttons are very responsive and have a resistance so you know when you are pressing it down.

The fabric material around it feels very premium and it is still waterproof! I like the color if it just the way it is, but would love to see other color options in the future.

True 360 degree sound pushes through this tiny beast with Bassup Technology! I had the volume only half way and it was blasting loud and clear! I tried songs that have a good bass sound and it handled it perfectly. I would love to see the LED lights move to the beat, that would be an awesome feature! When I turned the volume all the way up to the max, it did not crackle, but it did rattle the desk it was sitting on.

My first impression was that it is too small to be loud enough for me and still give clear audio, it proved me wrong once I hooked it up. Easy to set up by just connecting via bluetooth. After playing with it for a couple days, this is HIGHLY recommended and will get a second one to create stereo audio!


Great pictures showing the LED lights :+1:

Nice review! I like the pictures!

Awesome pics and review. :slight_smile:

Awesome combination of product placement with the colored lights to enhance the light show. Good review as well, thanks for sharing

Magic photos.

Very good review and photos @amada.haro thanks for sharing!

Great review, thanks for sharing!

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Nice review, great colors and pictures!! :+1:

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Nice review and great photos!!! :ok_hand:

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Lovely review and photos Amada! Great job. :clap:t2:`