Anker featured in “5 great tech brands you’ve probably never heard of”

5 great tech brands you’ve probably never heard of

Anker is featured in this article by business insider. The writer specifically talks about anker powerport 5.

Coincidentally, I have two anker powerport 5’s coming in the next week I won in the Valentine’s Day drawing. Really looking forward to getting them. To all the people who have powerports, how do you guys use them?

Btw, I know this article is little older, but I searched to see if it has been posted before and didn’t find it.


I usually use mine by plugging it into the electric socket like everyone else. :wink::wink:


Haha, like, do you use it for charging or as like a data hub?

Hey @Anjou1888 Andrew, are you posting from your phone or a computer? The reason I ask is because you can always condense your article links and hot link them with the description…

5 Greatest Tech Companies you never Heard Of

on a desktop it would be the little chain between the italic and block quote symbols, on a mobile you can just put [ before and ] after your title and then put ( around your link ) with no spaces between them and it should work. give it a try and practice a bit. It helps keep things neat looking and not seem so cluttered. We all know sometimes links can get outrageously long and it just looks a mess.

No I’m on mobile. I wish I had the option easier on mobile…

I don’t see the chain option…

you can always do as I mentioned and put it in manually as i described above

the only way I know to get the chain to show up on mobile is if you switch to desktop view and then you can see it


Thanks! I finally got it :joy:


your welcome, glad to have helped ya learn something new today :hugging:


Aww look at you two getting along :wink:


Who hasn’t heard of Anker though? Aren’t they one of the biggest ones in the market? haha

Not quite :joy:. They’re definitly growing by leaps and bounds, but they’re not quite there yet. Also, that article is a year old.

The male nurses who was helping knock me out for my operation on Tuesday hadn’t heard of them before, so I took it upon myself to educate them whilst they were getting me prepared for the anaesthetic :joy::joy:

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I hope everything is OK, @Macgyver15!

Thanks for asking @TechnicallyWell! It was nose surgery, apparently I’d been sticking it in one too many keyholes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You are doing fine?

All the best! :wink:

Nose surgery:

You know me and I know you! :joy:

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Thanks buddy! On the road to recovery with healthy doses of Anker, football and wrestling! @Chiquinho


Or rather, “You NOSE me and I NOSE you!” Hahahaha. LOL. :wink:

I usually have mine with some ice cream?

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