Anker Fast Wireless Charger Black Stand Review

Anker knocks it way out of the park again with the Anker Fast Wireless charger 5w/7.5w/10w making it a perfect companion for any Android or Apple device with wirless charging capabilities such as

Samsung Galaxy S9+ / S9 / S8 / S8+ / S7 edge / S7 / S6 edge+
Samsung Note 8

7.5W Charge Mode: Using QC 2.0/3.0 Adapter
iPhone X, iPhone 8 / 8 Plus

5W Standard Charge Mode: Using 5V/2A Adapter
Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 edge
LG G7 / V30+ / V30 / V35
Sony XZ2

And many many more.

The ability to wirelessly charge a phone is extremely convenient feature and allows me to drop my phone on the charger and get a fast charge on my Samsung Note 8 while also allowing me to keep using my phone to watch videos or see notifications that pop up giving this Wireless Stand a huge advantage over wireless charging pads where you’re phone lays flat and is hard to see and use.

The Anker Fast Wirless charger stand is currently 29.99 on Amazon which
is a great deal for a 10W/7.5W/5W wireless charger especially considering that this a a new release and packed with features like the ability to charge at 7.5W with QC2/3 wall adapters (you will need to purchase a quick charge 3.0 wall adapter to reach 10W speeds if your phone supports 10W charging) but this was a non-issue for me because I had a few Quick Charge 3.0 adapter is laying around. The ability to charge your device upright and in landscape or portrait orientations was a major selling point. Close these features and more her back into this charger that performs better than most competitors at a fraction of the price of others.

This charger also claims to charge through thick phone cases and had no problems charging my Note 8 through a relatively thick UAG case while staying cool.

Aesthetically, there’s not a lot a company can do with wireless chargers, but Anker’s PowerWave looks nice on a desk and in my opinion is the best looking wireless stand to date. It’s big enough to comfortably hold my Note 8, and it was easy to find the “sweet spot” to place my phone to charge. The LED on the bottom of the stand that indicates that your phone is charging is a nice touch and not too bright for a dark room like many competitors have.

The Anker Fast Wireless charger fully charged my phone from 0% to 100% in a little over two hours. I will report back with more precise charging times when I have more time to monitor the charge.

Sometimes picking a wireless charger can be a little overwhelming but Anker has simplified the whole process by combining the best features in a relatively cheap package.

Whether you just bought a phone that supports wireless charging, or have decided you like the feature enough to strategically place charging pads throughout your home and office, Anker’s Fast Wireless Charger is the one you should get. It’s relatively inexpensive, works well, and doesn’t have any of the problems that seem to plague most other wireless charging stands.


Thanks for the review…dare I say short and sweet? Haha, good job.

Now that your did your review, send it to me for a teardown video :pray:

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Thanks bud.

Nice try but I think I hold on to this charger it has quickly become my favorite charging stand maybe next time😎

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I’ll send it back to you when I’m done, I just wanna compare it to the white powerwave. Since this one is cheaper i wanna tear down to see what the internal differences are

Great review

Have you noticed any difference in heat due to the lack of a fan in this model compared to the white version?

It does run a little warmer than the Powerwave 7.5 pad but not hot. I’ll post some temp comparisons when I get a chance.


wow nice review and so much pics, thank you!

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Excellent review & pics @Jesse_Hernandez1 keep em’ up :thumbsup:


Nice Job! Thanks for sharing!:blush:


Great review and nice pics!! :relaxed:

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Nice review

At the current sale price of $23.99, I’d say this is a steal, especially for those who don’t yet have a fast wireless charger!


Here’s our best look yet at the upcoming pad version.

Also still anticipating the Evo pad and stand to launch shortly.

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Once you go stand you never go back :joy::joy: that does look nice though


True, but yeah, it looks super simplistic!

My wife took my powerwave stand and left me with the pad. It was too much work for her to find the sweet spot with the pad sd the stand you just set it and forget it…darn woman

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Typical :joy::joy::joy: hey happy wife happy life.

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That’s a good one, lol :joy:


Update: Anker’s PowerWave 7.5W Fast Wireless Charging Pad (Black) is now available via Amazon US for a cost of $27.99 (+$3.99 shipping ATTM), and should begin shipping on September 21. I’ll probably hold off on making a full post until the Evo pad/stand are released.

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