Anker Fast Wireless Charger (10W Wireless Charging Stand)

I have been using this charger to charge my Pixel 3 for the bast week, and am very satisfied! The construction and feel of the product is very solid, as I have come to expect from all of my Anker products. I have a spigen neo case on the phone, and it charges through the case with no issues. I place the phone on the stand when I go to bed, the always on display acts as my clock, and the phone is fully charged when I wake up. If you want to take advantage of the quick charging on a compatible phone, be sure to use the stand with a Quick Charge 2.0/3.0 wall adapter. Anker has several great options.
Very happy with the purchase, and would definitely recommend!


Thanks for your quick review and photos. Isnt it great to just be able to set your phone down and not have to worry about plugging in a cord?

Have you tried quick charge and compared timings?

Does it have to stand upright (portrait mode) in order to charge? Or can you lay it down…landscape mode?

I believe either way will work. As long as the back of the phone is touching the charging portion

with this charger it has dual coils, this means you can charge your phone in both vertical and horizontal positions

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That’s cool. Unfortunately, I’m still on an iPhone 6s. But good to know.

Works either way

I have not compared the timing, mostly because I only use that as an overnight charger. It definitely does not charge as fast on the pixel 3 as it could due to it not being a “certified charging stand.” Which I think was a requirement that no one was aware of prior to people getting the first ones in hand and finding out on their own, and then seeing all the articles about it.

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You saying on pixel, only certain wireless/wired things can fast charge them?

@MacBlank, correct, Google blocked all third party accessories from fast wireless charging their phones, unless they have been certified by Google. Basically they have taken a play out if the apple handbook and are charging accessory makers to verify their devices can fast charge, if they don’t then the device won’t receive a handshake when it’s placed into it and thus reverts to slow 5w charging speeds

The greedy fucks.

I’ve not noticed anything like that in any reviews I’ve briefly seen on pixels (not really been a phone I’m interested in, so not read a lot about it).

Was quite surprised the Samsung galaxy buds are only IPX2 but the reviewer was quite in praise of them otherwise. Reason I mention, is cos Samsung makes it stuff as universal as possible, so as not to restrict it’s sales or put people off cos not compatible with existing equipment. I mean even the new buds are workable with iPhones.

Youdnthink companies would want as many as possible to want to buy their phones, and unless restricted to its own stuff, it makes no sense to restrict them or any features.

I know now, but say I had wireless system in place and then got a pixel and none of it worked like it did with my previous phones, I’d be pissed off and take the phone back (here in the UK, you get 14 days change if mind even if you bought in a shop. In fact one network used to sell, 14 dayers (phones returned in that time, or unboxers)).

Yeah they have gotten greedy, I posted about it a while back. But a lot of people didn’t realize they were restricted until they wondered why it slow charged.
You can read the article Here