Anker fan meetup #2

Just saw this on twitter.


Yup, I was about to post the same… Come in @AnkerOfficial bring it to North Carolina

Aww. I wish it was close to me :disappointed:. I agree, North Carolina seems to be the sweet spot for the anker community.

It will be a 2 hour Meetup with venue at located in Seattle… No chance for me to be there. Will Anker provide flight tickets :wink:

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Awww man why does it have to be across the country :sob:

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Providing flight ticket sounds sweet :joy:

Wish! I Wish :smiley:

The issue is its fairly expensive to do these for Anker, Anker’s USA office in Seattle makes sense initially, and I can why #2 there as they debug, tune, find its format easier for them, before they do it elsewhere.

I’d say if you could suggest tech events which Anker goes to for other purposes, and put a meetup there. Conferences, like at Vegas.

So, can any of you know events near where you live to kill 2 birds with 1 stone?

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@AnkerOfficial bring it to NC next time guys :+1: I bet a lot of us would go

Hope they plan San Francisco, it is on West coast as their office in Seattle :grin:

Boston please

@AnkerOfficial open up an office space in Canada, be glad to join :grin:

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Would love to go except its on the other side of the continent… in another country ;-;

uk uk uk please! we would love to see you here!

Come to Detroit, we have cars and … well…