ANKER experience with Samsung galaxy s6 and s7

I’ve always been a user of the Anker and Samsung brand.
Since I met, and use devices Anker I have noticed that these are much more efficient than the same companion devices brands of cell phones.
both the Galaxy s6 and s7 respect of fastloaders I can say that Anker have better efficiency in load, less waiting time.

I currently use the PowerPort Speed 5 with which I get this result really good and efficient

You have had the same experience, or has not worked as well?

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Sorry but I’m in the Apple camp. I do envy the fast charge and wireless charging capabilities of the samsungs but when it comes down to phone and software quality I have to say Apple kicks some serious buttocks!!

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I only use Anker chargers on these phones and they both charge very fast. I have not had any issues.

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Have an S7 and a bunch of different branded chargers, both wireless and wired and anker beats them all. The best accessories for the S7 are Anker. I love the powermat. I just wish that there were more things for the s7 though such as a glass screen protector.