Anker Event - Market Research on Retailers!

Do you shop retail often (think Target, Best Buy, Walmart, etc) and want to help us out in understanding our customer base and products more?

Anker offering $100 worth of free product to a couple of qualified research interview participants.

We would only take an hour of your time and in exchange you would walk away with all kinds of Anker gear that YOU picked!

Anker is looking for participants aged 35-45 who PRIMARILY shop in retail stores.

Fill out this survey if you think you are qualified:

Fill out the application soon,

Best of luck everyone!


Awesome! I’ll definitely give this a try :+1:

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Hey Franz

I think we’re too old again, plus I suspect it’s USA only as usual.

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Just completed the survey.

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the link nor the social media posting does not say anything about US or any country, but yes, the retailers mentioned are mostly US… so not sure about it

I wonder how many people they need :thinking:

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they need only 2… and lot of people have applied… chances are very less… but worth a try :wink:

Lol I just now realized they said they needed a couple of qualified participants. Yea chances are slim to none but I still went for it lol

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Probably male, aged 38-40, and lives in a particular city… Their target city (where they based again… Washington?)

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Awesome. My age is close enough lol.

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Smh, I want 100 dollars worth of free products. I have done similar for them and didnt get that…

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I mean you basically are giving them information for free when you fill out the form for a chance to be “picked” lol

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Believe that was done recently… Anker owes you on this one

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Yes it wasnt too long ago that I did that. I’m more mad because I participated for 3 hours, not 1 but 3.
@AnkerOfficial yall need to step up because this is messed up that this is being offered now and I got nothing

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Petition to get Rob some free anker gear! Who will join me?

  • I want Rob to get some free anker gear!
  • Rob doesn’t deserve anything!

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We are all rooting for @Tank :clap:


I didnt realize it until I looked at a map. 2 targets, 1 best buy and 4 walmarts within 30 minutes of my house… That just seems bloated😅

I had to vote no (secretly wishing you luck) :wink:

vb_woot Marketing reached out to me and said I will be getting the 100 worth of products. They apologized as I was supposed to have been emailed and I never was. Now to gather the list of things I need and send it to them.


nice share.
makes me wish I wasn’t an online whore.