Anker ("eufy") Releases a Smart Scale

I just saw this come through my news feed: Anker’s sub-brand “eufy” has released a Smart Scale on Amazon. The scale syncs with their app, but unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s any Apple Health or Google Fit integration yet.


What are the specs? (Capacity and size)

What is the cost?

It looks like the list price is $49.99.

Ok thank you. Any new Anker products lately?

I couldn’t locate an online manual, but I ordered one since I needed a new scale anyways. I’ll let you know if I can find any additional details once I receive it.

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Thank you. I notice this morning that they are sold out and are #1 ranked in Health and Beauty.I got a scale several years ago but I just got an error on the reading.

@Isaac_Schloss, as promised, here are the specifications from the manual that came with the scale.

  • Measurement range: 11 lbs – 397 lbs
  • Working environment: 10 – 40 degrees Celsius
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 1 in
  • Net Weight: 3.67 lb

Thank you. Unfortunately the scale is currently unavailable. Both colors seems to have been sold out on Amazon.

I’ll have to watch Amazon for this. My current one just started acting a little weird so I assume it will need replacing in the next month or so. Now I know what to replace it with

They have discontinued it already

Hi everyone, thanks for your interest in our Eufy smart scale, currently we are upgrading it, please check the amazon listing in when it is back. The back time maybe in March or May.

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