Anker (Eufy) Products on Kickstarter.... Why?

Why does Anker feel the need to put some of their newer products (mostly Eufy) on Kickstarter. KS was designed to help startup companies get their product funded. A company like Anker doesn’t need to KS a project. Its even more insulting when they are only asking 50k to fund their project cause obviously they have that amount of money.

Also after multiple bad experiences on KS (5+ years ago) I never use the platform anymore and from what I hear its only gotten worse.

I presume there is an element of market research and gauging interest involved - they can see how many people are actually willing to spend money on the product, and that is probably more valuable than the pre orders.

But I don’t like it much either, not a big fan of ordering products before they are finished. I would only do it for a really exciting product I can’t get anywhere else that I am afraid might never get made otherwise. I can’t picture Anker in that space, much as I like their products.

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In case you haven’t noticed Anker is not the first one to do this and will not be the last. A lot if companies are going this route now as Its a way for them to gauge market interest without spending a ton of money on marketing research and campaigns

Some people like Kickstarter, and so some product there gets their attention and then may buy regularly methods.

It’s a way of splitting the difference for marginal products where you don’t have to make as thorough a business plan, market requirements, product requirements, you can let the market tell you.

Personally I like the concept exists as it stimulates innovation, but I never buy via it as you get an earlier flawed product where you are paying for hype.

Thats a kind of contradiction! :joy:

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Like everyone said, it’s a way to know the market pulse and see if the new concept will go through without having invested whole lot of money.
I don’t buy lot of stuff on KS but backed a couple of projects in the past, one of them is eufy and that’s how I got pulled in to Anker blackhole :smile:

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Say Anker wants to do a ‘pre-order’ of any sort; that means setting up a site, a payment system, an order fulfillment system, and customer contact mechanism — since I already know/trust KickStarter and have an account there, I think this is a great choice for Anker to use as well. Easy and established; less work for both of us! = )

Anker does what Anker wants

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