Anker Ergonomic Vertical Mouse (I call it a lifesaving mouse)

As a process engineer, I used to work with computer and laptop, and everybody knows that mouse is part of life! My problem starts 8 years ago, when I was a PhD student, I had been feeling a slight pain in my wrist, at the beginning it was not so bad, but it getting worse every day, I bought a wrist support, it was good, but as soon as I forgot to use it I had the pain back, also sweating was a big problem to me.

Four years ago, I realized that there is a perfect way to finish this pain, forever! Ergonomic mouse, one of my friends had one of them, so I decided to buy one of this weird mouse for myself, I did lots of research, I talked with couple of people, finally I decided to buy an Anker Ergonomic Vertical Mouse, Wow, all the pain was gone in two weeks, unbelievable,
Let walk you through my experience:
The quality and aesthetics of the mouse are super nice and fashionable. The mouse is responsive and smooth and works on almost every surface which I tried. All the buttons are placed perfectly as well as a scroll wheel. USB cable is long enough and you have no problem with the cable. Also, the blue LED is making this mouse super beautiful and adorable. After almost one year, 2 of my friends decided to buy this mouse based on my perfect experience, and now I can say I helped 6 of my friends to get rid of wrist pain forever.

After this perfect experience with this product, I was looking for other Anker products, currently, I am using External HDD case, power bank (13,000 and 3350 mAh), power port solar 21w and I’m super happy with the quality, I have these products for a long time and every Anker product I’ve owned is extremely solid and trustworthy, so I have no reason for doubt about referring my friends or buy other products that I need.

Besides the quality, the most important part is customer service, they are fantastic in Anker customer service, they behavior is phenomenal, I can say best ever I have seen in the online world.

So I highly recommend Anker products to anybody looks for great products and customer service.

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