Anker elite 13 in 1 wont work with any external HDs. Any ideas?

I have the Anker elite 13 in 1 TB doc. If I connnect an external HD, such as WD Elemets 4GB USB 3.0, or the Segate Expanstion 4TB USB 3.0, neither appear in the disk utilities nor finder (with external HD display enabled in preferences). However, If I plug either directly into the Mac via usbc-usb3 converter, they both work.

Im using an M1 mac with Big Sur. As the mac only has 2 ports, not being able to use the dock means I cant connect 2 drives.

Any ideas?

I have tried different cables, rebooting etc.

Hi @hobbss sounds like a compatibility issue, do any other ports of the dock work when connected such as ethernet, audio etc.? Will help narrow down if its an issue with the whole of the dock or just drive support.

Might be worth reaching out to in case they have received similar reports for M1 Apple devices.

The Ethernet and thunderbolt + Monitor works. USB works for thinks like mice, but neither WD Elements 4TB USB 3.0 nor Segate Expansion 2TB USB 3.0 work via the dock. Both work perfectly when connected directly to the laptop or via a £25 usb hub.

As the MB pro only has 2 ports, there is no way to connect 2 external drives, which renders this dock unusable unfortunately.