Anker E1 6700mAh stuck and always blinking

Hello community,

I’ve ordered 100 of Anker E1 6700mAh (model A1211) and turns out one doesn’t work, it just blink alway like this

Tried pressing the power button with different patterns - no result. Charging doesn’t help. It stops after long-long time, but after you plug in any device or press power button - same again. Not output power(connected device doesn’t receive power).

Also tied to desold and sold back batteries from the board (waited around 10 min w/o batteries) - no result, still same situation.
If you have any suggestion maybe what elements I should check…
Thank you in advance!

UPDATE: Batteries voltage - 4.1V

Best regards,
Oleh Somov

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I was gonna say reach out to , but the fact you opened and desoldered it you very well may have voided the warranty

Yes, I understand that.
I’m very interested to solve it with my skills and theoretical help)

I would test each cell individually as one may be faulty. If so and the other is good maybe replace it with a known good cell

What is the correct voltage for these batteries? Right now both 4.1, I see it’s in parallel connection, so by specification for these batteries - it should be 3.8. Is it ok to have a difference for 0.3 V? Maybe they’re overcharged?

Update, tested usb device with thsi batteries - working good(took arduino for test). Connected cells to the usb.
They’re working well.

Well I think this is the first time I’ve seen a community member take apart a faulty PowerCore before logging it for replacement :smile:


:grin: I know, it’s weird, huh?)
But still, I wish I have a datasheet for the board inside it. Looks like problem with output circle. Because battery charges.

So it works otherwise and now accepts a charge. Have you checked the output soldering connections to see if there is a cold shut, as in a bad solder joint connection there?

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What the ****, why, uh, you dissected art

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Hi @Oleh_Somov,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I regret to hear that your Astro E1 6700mAh doesn’t work anymore. From the video you sent, it seems the battery is indeed defective now. Normally, we do not recommend our customer to do any repairing of the battery to avoid any problems. In this case, could you please send an email to "" with your concerns?