Anker Dongle

Do you think Anker should make a dongle that has both USB with Lighting charging and USB-C charging? 2-in-1 dongle cable??. How about a split cord?

Nope. Why?

I think that would be a neat idea. For like the iPhone 7? So you could charge your phone and listen to music at the same time with non-wireless headphones? Or are you talking about something else? Or maybe like a headphone jack splitter?

Well, I have one device that charges through a lighting cable and another device that charges through USB-C. So, I wish I hade a could use a PowerPort USB with one cable that had both lighting and USB-C charging.

Two cables not the answer?

Two cables also allows for a cable to fail.

Honestly, no. I’d rather just have separate cables for each device.

It would just add resistance and slow down the charging rate, so no.