Anker does not play media songs from my phone when connected to bluetooth

I connected my phone to bluetooth Anker, however it does not play media songs from my phone when connected to bluetooth ? any idea why ?

What Anker item, what phone.
Please give us just a little more information.
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Please give us more details. We need model number and type of device you are connected to.

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Sounds like an Android device. Under your BT settings for the audio device in question make sure ‘Media Audio’ is selected as well as your phone audio.


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I was thinking the same thing. I’ve seen this on my Note 8.

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Post 5 is best advice.

What seems to be happening when problems is people are pairing with multiple devices and then, usually unintentionally, they are already connected to one of them when connected to another device. This is not intended to work.

Bluetooth has profiles and protocols, for media and and for calls, and these cannot run at the same time. So for example you may connect to a non-phone device and have an active media profile, and it may be able to also connect to a phone for calls (not media) so you can sometimes make connecting to two devices work.

Best advice:

  • only ever pair with one device and dedicate the audio unit to that device.
  • if you cannot do that (don’t own enough audio devices) then turn off the bluetooth of other devices so they don’t accidentally connect at the same time and fight each other.
  • Windows 10 if it’s bluetooth on will attempt to connect without your action, so always be on guard with any pairing with Windows 10.
  • if you connect to one device, disconnect and connect to another device, if they are different bluetooth version, it may not work and you have to power off/on the audio device in switching.

In my case I often to connect to both tablet and phone, and I disabe the phone call on the tablet and disable media on phone, so they both connect and be reliable, for audio device not intended to connnect to mutiple devices.

Hello Thanks for the response, yes my device is Anker Powerconference. I have a Huawei Android phone and when i connect my bluetooth, the media audio does not play any sound on Anker device. However if i get a call when bluetooth is connected i can receive on Anker. Any suggestions how to fix this ?

Thank you will try these options

yes its connected but no luck

Have you tried removing the BT pairing record and completing a fresh pairing to see if this resolves?